Team Synergy

Team Synergy

Team SynergyIf you’ve got a team that can handle a little more challenge, then Team Synergy is for you. We’ve designed a workshop that’s aimed directly at the high-performance team that’s ready for the next level of team building.

When you feel your team needs a little nudge toward more effective collaboration in the workplace, this is the workshop you need. By focusing on how each individual’s strengths can work as part of a group effort in order to overcome obstacles, the activities in Team Synergy foster a mutual feeling of respect among your talented group.

When Great Minds Come Together- That’s Team Synergy

When it’s vital that your high-performers work together rather than compete with each other, it’s time for some Team Synergy action! As your team members progress through the series of carefully selected activities that comprise a Team Synergy workshop, they’re not just solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles…they’re also helping each other understand how to do things better in the future.

Our experienced and talented workshop leaders will lead your team through higher-level activities designed to get high-performing team members to share, grow and work more effectively. They’ll participate in roundtable discussions about the workshop activities they’ve just completed, for a deeper understanding of the meaning of teamwork.

Collaboration Leads to Synergy

Team-Synergy-GroupThe Team Synergy workshop is put together to bring out each team member’s unique interactive style. Teams will be given activities to complete, after which they’ll be asked to assess their own performance. Then, they’ll use their assessments to adjust their activities for greater success.

This is where some serious communication skills are needed- just what your high-performing team needs! It’s also a turning point where our facilitators can see real communication styles in action. Areas of concern will become apparent, and that’s where the real fun begins.

Focus on Communication Styles

When the core issues facing your team are brought to light, you’re halfway there. Our professional facilitators know how to turn these issues into learning points…all while ensuring that everyone’s having a good time. They’ll help your team improve skills in the following areas:

  • Communication
  • Big Picture thinking
  • Creative problem solving
  • Dealing with Limited Resources

Team Synergy Makes Demands on Your Team: Can They Meet the Challenge?

Team-Synergy-ActivityYour team will work hard to discover new and better ways to communicate in the workplace. It’s a fast-paced, high energy environment for teams who are used to a good challenge. That’s OK, though- we make sure there’s a little bit of fun worked into each activity as well!