Team Fusion

Team Fusion ™

Team FusionSometimes there’s need for a little something extra in a team building work shop. If your team faces particular challenges then we here at Seattle Team building have the workshop for you: it’s called Team Fusion™ and it gets results.

Most of the offerings at Seattle Team Building involve activities that lean towards a fun day of building team skills in a fast-paced environment. Team Fusion™ is no different, except the activities are created with specific challenges in mind. These challenges might include:

  • teams that are facing change in the work place
  • newly formed teams that need help solidifying those bonds that produce great results
  • teams whose company is facing growing pains

Tell us about your team and the particular challenges they’re facing and we’ll recommend the appropriate series of learning modules that will pinpoint areas of concern. Then, on the day of your Team Fusion™ workshop, our professional facilitators will bring it all together for some tangible team building in the areas they need it the most.

Teams Facing a Challenge Need More than A Formula-Driven Workshop

Team-Fusion-Team-BuildingSince no two teams are alike, no two Team Fusion™ workshops are alike either. That’s because the first step in our curriculum design is a meeting with you. We begin by listening to your goals, and the issues challenging your team.

Then, our crack team of educators gets to work putting together a customized Team Fusion™ workshop with your exact goals in mind. The result is a series of events for your day which have the right mix of entertainment, challenge and motivation. It’s intense, that’s for sure…but it’s also fun!

Specially Created Just for Your Team

After the initial needs assessment consultation, our highly skilled facilitators will design your Team Fusion™ workshop for effective results. They can also work another dimension into the modules if your team is comprised of leaders…

For groups of leaders, our curriculum designers will borrow elements from Team Building Seattle’s Campfire Leadership program, focusing on leadership skills as well as team building skills. In addition, modules that take a look at personality styles can also be worked into the schedule, for advanced groups who can benefit from such analysis.

By concentrating on your group’s objectives from start to finish, Team Fusion™ uses the Covey approach when designing each workshop.

Team Fusion™ is Just the Beginning…

Team-Fusion-ActivitiesSince work place skills can always be improved, especially when there are challenges in the mix, Team Fusion™ is designed to work long after the workshop is over. We’ll be asking your team tough questions to keep them motivated even after they’re back in the office.

If you want to talk to us about how we can help your team face challenges in the work place, fill out the form on the right or call us and we’ll tell you about how Team Fusion™ can work for you.