DiSC Personality Training

Official DiSC Personality Training Workshops

Imagine you go into work next week and your team is suddenly able to make customers happy…every time.

Everything-DiSC-Authorized-PartnerOr imagine your managers come in next week with all this:

  1. a vastly improved understanding of their team’s motivations
  2. the ability to steer their teams away from conflict
  3. the skills to lead their teams towards effective outcomes every time

These are realistic goals for any team that experiences Seattle Team Building’s DiSC© Personality Workshop. We’re proud to offer this Workshop in Seattle and surrounding areas for teams who want some professional development on a higher level.

This is Not Your Grandmother’s Personality “Test”

DiSC© offers a modern, practical personality assessment that’s immediately applicable in their work environment. We’ve all heard of “personality tests” – they’ve been around for 70 years- but how often in the past have they been put to good use back in the workplace?

Our DiSC© Personality Workshop is different. We help team leaders bring their group to higher levels of understanding through insight on personality styles brought to light by the DiSC© assessment. Your team will work together better, communicate better and respect each other better after they develop a fresh perspective on personality styles.

So…What is DiSC© Assessment?

First of all, the DiSC© assessment is not a test…it’s simply a measure of personality styles. There is no right or wrong here- there’s no ideal DiSC© style, either. What DiSC© does is break personality styles down into four major areas, and helps participants see where their style fits in. Everyone is a blend of the four styles, but for most of us at least one style is a bit stronger than the rest.

Different Does Not Mean Wrong!

What that means is that we’re all different from each other. The goal of Seattle Team Building’s DiSC© Personality Workshop™ is to help people understand that different does not mean wrong.

Through an understanding of the different personality styles around them, your team members recognize that each has value. Each style has a different way of communicating as well as underlying motivations but together we form a diverse group that’s able to draw from its rich resources to get things done.

A Customized Workshop for Your Team in Seattle

Dare to expect concrete results with this personality assessment! Unlike any that came before, DiSC© assessment and training offers teams some tangible results that can be put to work immediately. They’ll grow in the following areas:

  • awareness of each individual’s particular strengths
  • appreciation of other individual’s strengths
  • recognition of DiSC© personality styles wherever they go
  • understanding of behavior as it’s determined by personality
  • respect for individual differences
  • knowledge of how various DiSC© styles can resolve conflict and increase productivity

What Your Team Will Take Away…

As your team learns about personalities and that there’s no right or wrong styles, they’ll gain the tools they need to make better connections in the workplace. Your dreams become our goals- call us today or fill out the form on the right, and let’s get started realizing them both.