The Big Picture

Seattle: Welcome To The Big Picture

The Big PictureImagine a workshop the ends the day with everyone feeling inspired to do better back in the office.

Imagine your team members feeling refreshed, inspired and more self-aware than before…ready to go back to the workplace and contribute in a positive way to everything they do. They’re no longer afraid to share their ideas because they know their co-workers respect their contributions.

This is what The Big Picture, one of Seattle Team Building’s most popular workshops, can do for you.

Team members learn to appreciate the diversity in their group, and they learn how that diversity can help in achieving their goals. As they focus on completing their fun-filled yet challenging workshop activities, your team will let go of their apprehension when it comes to sharing their ideas in a group setting.

The Big Picture Brings Minds Together

With The Big Picture, we focus on bringing out the creative side of everyone for a group project that’s fun for all. Team members have a ball discovering the different personality types as they contribute to a group artwork project.

Group endeavors often necessitate a “patchwork” approach to success with each individual contributing a small piece of the whole. This allows your group members to pause and explore the idea that although not every idea is a winner, every contribution is important in its own way. One person’s unformed idea can inspire someone else to come up with a solution. It’s brainstorming at its best: effective and done in a supportive environment with respect for everyone’s input.

Targeted Skills That Make Sense for the Workplace

Bringing unique minds together for unique solutions creates a positive dynamic energy force for any workplace. It’s what inspires creativity and solutions to practical problems. Here are some of the skills involved when your team completes The Big Picture:

  • communication
  • listening
  • viewing team members are resources
  • sharing information
  • overcoming fears of participating in group projects
  • overcoming fears of expressing ideas in public

Spark Some Creativity in Your Team!

With this workshop, your team will use collage materials to create a Big Picture, literally! Once the team building activities are completed, the art supplies are donated to a Seattle art program – or any charitable organization you choose. We like to keep it local in Seattle but we’re happy to accommodate your desires.

Creating the collage is fun and productive, as team members discover what type of “artist” they are- a Monet or a Picasso? In this modern world, we certainly need all types and that’s what The Big Picture is all about!