Amazing Scavenger Race

Seattle’s Amazing Scavenger Race

Amazing Scavenger RaceGood business leaders know that practice is important, and just like a high functioning sports team, your group needs practice in order to perform at peak levels. Given enough of the right kind of practice in performing as a team, any group can realize their potential and overcome whatever obstacles come their way.

The Amazing Scavenger Race

This workshop is designed to give your team a chance to put their team building skills to work. The event is a high-energy cooperative activity that’s both hilarious and effective at strengthening the bonds which form an effective team.

They’ll get the chance to get outside and into Seattle neighborhoods to complete their combination Amazing Race/Scavenger Hunt event. It’s custom designed with your ideas and themes and of course take place in localities around the wonderful city of Seattle.

What is Means to Practice Being a Team

Amazing Scavenger Race - Firefighter's PrayerWe mentioned the right way for your team to practice their skills. It’s not just time put in, but the way they practice being a team that matters. Our design team ensures that your team will be completely engaged in activities that strengthen their skills. Educators know that practice which follows a clear pattern of action, feedback, adjustment, then action again is what works…and that’s what forms the blueprint for the Amazing Scavenger Race.

The primary goal is for your team to have fun while they put their teamwork skills to work. If you like, we can have our curriculum designers incorporate an additional dimension to this workshop where they debrief your team with key points.

Structured Practice Results in a High-Performing Team

Amazing-Scavenger-Race-FunThis is one of our most enjoyable workshops, and nothing your group is required to do is very taxing. They’re not going to be building human pyramids or anything as unproductive as that! They’ll be gaining valuable experience in:

  • How to measure their success before progressing to the next step
  • Assessing and adapting
  • Understanding how feedback from one step can affect subsequent steps and make them better

How it Works

Your team will use a specially designed website that collects their scavenger hunt photos. One of the most popular segments of the Amazing Scavenger Race is when the slideshow that’s created from their photos is viewed at the final destination. That’s the hilarious part, and boy is the laughter ever contagious!

They get points for style and creativity in their pictures at every location around Seattle (let the silliness begin). It’s a great stress relief too.

Renew Your Team’s Energy

Amazing-Scavenger-Race-TugThe Amazing Scavenger Race is designed to get your team out and about in Seattle, out of the office and having fun. They’ll be building their team relationships every step of the way, as they renew their energy and focus for improved performance once you’re all back in the office.


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