Wheelchair Team Building

Wheelcharity™ Wheelchair Team Building

Aim higher with your next team building event and imagine an enhanced set of valuable skills, a renewed sense of teamwork and a generous dose of community spirit for your team…that’s Wheelcharity™! This is a workshop designed to get results: your team will learn the value of communicating effectively to pursue a common goal.

Serve the Seattle Community with Wheelchairs Donated to Local Hospitals, Veterans groups, and other charities

Wheelcharity-Wheelchair-Team-BuildingRenew your team’s sense of corporate social responsibility by choosing Wheelcharity™, a work shop that gives wheelchairs to local charitable organizations… choose from Veteran’s centers, hospitals, or even a national wheelchair organization.

The sad truth is, wheelchairs are sorely needed everywhere, including right here in Seattle. Its estimated that 1.7 million Americans use wheelchairs, which are expensive. That boils down to an ever-present need for them in every community.

Your team will appreciate the positive outcome of this workshop, which will serve to bring them together as they pursue their common goal.

The Team That Builds Together…

That’s right, each team will actually assemble a wheelchair through a series of planned modules designed to help them improve their skills as they focus on completing their tasks.

This workshop is ideal for teams who want to improve their collaboration skills to become more effective at achieving results. It’s equally suited for groups who just need to refresh their communication styles for better work place performance.

Wheelcharity™ Can be Customized for Your Team

Not only can we accommodate your desires for where your wheelchairs will be donated, we can also customize the Wheelcharity™ work shop to your specifications.

You see, the activities are centered around building, then trying out the wheelchairs in a highly structured, task-oriented environment designed by our professional facilitators. Each activity is designed to improve a specific work place skill. Seattle Team Building works from a 4-step model (Challege-Activity-Debrief-Transfer) to ensure your team not only has fun but also works on some skills as well.

Typically, the Wheelcharity™ work shop involves an exciting obstacle course at the end of the event, designed to open up new channels of thought. The obstacle course is run with team members using the wheelchairs they built. If this doesn’t fall in line with your specific goals, then Seattle Team Building can replace the obstacle course with a more creative module that achieves the same goal. With past groups, we’ve decorated the chairs with inspiring messages for their recipients.

Give us a call or fill out the form on the right and tell us about your group and together we can customize a Wheelcharity™ wheelchair team building work shop that’s just right for you.