Wagon Builders Team Building

Wagon-Builders-Charity-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoYour team may have been working together for one week or ten years—no matter how long they’ve been together, though, they may be stuck in a rut. One of the keys to successful team building is making people look at their skills and responsibilities in an entirely new way. Why not do so with a wagon building team activity?

Build up your team while contributing to your area’s children’s hospitals, shelters, schools, and other at-need organizations. By the time your team finishes this project, they’ll have built red wagons that go right back into a local Seattle organization.

What can your team learn from our wagon team building activities?

Seattle-Team-Building-Wagon-BuildingThey can learn how to communicate as they try to figure out how to get the parts they need and then put them together. When challenges crop up, their creativity and problem-solving abilities will be put to the test. If one member of the team goes down, the whole team suffers. That’s why it’s important for team members to build each other up and support each other through the tough times!

This activity can strengthen your team’s work skills and efficiency in ways that you never knew possible. As you prepare to return to your office, you’ll have a renewed sense of faith in your employees, a whole arsenal of team building skills, and a day full of great memories.

This program can be changed up to suit your company and schedule, depending on how many team members you have. Generally, you can expect to spend 2 1/2 hours in this workshop. You can also opt to fill the wagons with items for the local charity at an additional charge.

Call us today or fill out a contact form to learn more and find out how a wagon building exercise can help you more out of your team, build a sense of friendship and camaraderie in the workplace, and enjoy productivity like you’ve never seen before.