Puttin Pantry

Puttin Pantry™ for Both Fun and Challenges

Puttin-Pantry-Team-Building-LogoWhen it comes to designing effective work shops, we aim for team building over “team bonding”. Puttin Pantry™ does both: your team participates in fun activities that bond them together, but they also perform challenging tasks within those activities which help them become better teams…that’s the team building aspect, and that’s the true goal.

What is Puttin Pantry™?

If you haven’t already guessed, this workshop has a golfing theme.

Team members are challenged to design and then build a mini golf course. There’s a charitable aspect to this work shop: the building blocks used to make the golf courses are non perishable food items. After the work shop is done, the items are donated to a Seattle food panty.

It’s team bonding, team building and charitable work all in one work shop!

How Does it Work?

Puttin Pantry™ poses a challenge right from the initial phase: designing the course. Team members are asked to draw upon forethought together- envisioning the course as a team takes some serious communication skills.

We love this work shop because it covers several work place skills- just look at how a golf course is designed in real life: it takes vision, creativity, planning skills and then in final stages of actually building the course, mechanical expertise and superior organization.

Of course this just a mini golf course made of food items, but even the same skills are involved. That’s why Puttin Pantry™ is not only tons of fun but also a very effective work shop for building work place skills.

Improving Work Place Skills, One Mini Golf Course at a Time

Each team must find a way to work quickly and effectively to create and express their vision of the best mini golf course, and then organize themselves to make the vision come alive. Building the course is the end goal, but there’s a competitive twist in the end: who made the best one?

Teams will rise to the challenge while working to improve the following skills:

  • communication
  • negotiation
  • sharing information
  • choosing a leader: diplomacy
  • resource management
  • measuring success
  • adapting to changing circumstances
  • incorporating feedback

Everyone gets involved, as across the diverse range of activities each team member is sure to find his or her strength. Some are leaders, some are organizers, some are worker bees…there’s room for everyone to shine!

Puttin Pantry™ offers your group a chance to enjoy a day of fulfilling charity work, team building and skill development. If that sounds like a winning combination, give us a call and we can help you arrange your Seattle-area Puttin Pantry™ work shop today.