Mission: Military Care

Mission: Military Care

Mission-Military-Care-Team-BuildingOur military service members put themselves on the line for their country, so we here are Seattle Team Building have a passion for supporting them in every way we can. One way we do this is through our Mission: Military Care workshop, which we are proud to offer as part of our regular lineup of team building events.

During Mission: Military Care, everyone gets to participate in giving back just a little to our military men and women, as they develop their team building skills and contribute to your company’s mission of social responsibility.

Teams Redefine Success for a Better Work Place

One of the reasons this workshop has had such great success in the past is that it’s incredibly motivating on several levels:

  1. Your team engages in fun, yet thought-provoking activities.
  2. They also come together to pursue the common goal of assembling military care packages.

The care packages go to charitable organizations that aid Military service members. Seattle Team Building carefully selects these recipients, including Operation Shoebox, Operation Gratitude, and the Wounded Warrior Project.

Seattle Team Building Mission Military Cares Charity Logos

So, while the care packages create a fun, tangible goal for your teams to focus on while they develop their team building skills, the knowledge is there throughout each activity that the end result is something on a much higher level. Having a positive effect in the real world means your team members are not only joining forces with each other, they’re forming bonds with the community. Now that’s something everyone can get behind!

How Mission: Military Care Works

The team building event involves a practical, applicable series of modules designed to seamlessly weave together lessons of communication and the cooperative spirit with fun, easy tasks that can be successfully performed by anyone.

Every team member will encounter challenges that compare to those he or she may face in the work place. Courage is the theme, and the professional facilitators at Seattle Team Building will ease your team through a series of activities that call upon them to use their courage to explore new ways of doing things:

  • communicate in new ways
  • find solutions based on new ways of communication
  • work as a team rather than individuals to perform tasks

It’s About Courage and Success

Mission-Military-Cares-Team-Building-ChildSuccess is defined by how the team solves problems rather than whether or not they solve problems. Those having the courage to find new ways to communicate and problem-solve are the winners. In this way, what works for the military can work for the team…courage.