Mission: Kids Care

Mission: Kids Care ™: Get Ready for Team Building Success

Get your team ready for success as they help local Seattle kids get ready for school with the Mission: Kids Care™ workshop. What better way to develop your team than to combine team building with local charitable work and a day of fun?

Your team will be drawn together working for a common goal: helping Seattle families with the burden of shopping for school supplies. You see, each year families all over Seattle have trouble affording back to school supplies like: backpacks, pens, notebooks, and consequently they go without them.

Mission: Kids Care™ and your team can help out with that.

Prepare Your Team For Growth

Your team will participate in a series of events centered around a theme of preparation and growth – just like kids going back to school. By helping out with the back to school preparations, team members will actually be learning the value of preparation in the workplace as well.

Team members will we encouraged to stretch beyond their usual work place roles and develop fresh lines of communication as they work together to plan how they’ll carry out each activity.

The Value of Preparation

Everyone knows, things often get done in a rush at work. In almost every case, preparation would have ensured a better outcome…at every level. In the Mission: Kids Care™ workshop, team members work towards a common goal that can only be achieved with some good planning.

Planning in a group environment takes advanced communication skills but also a recognition by everyone that each individual has something worthwhile to contribute.

A Fun Environment for Some Serious Skill Development

Team members will gain confidence to share their ideas with the group in pursuit of the easily-attained goals. We ensure a supportive environment by injecting a little fun into each activity!

Assistants become managers, managers become followers and techies become leaders as the team members are encouraged to try on new roles in completing their goals. Here are some of the valuable work place skills touched upon in Mission: Kids Care™:

  • collaboration
  • planning
  • measuring success
  • organization

A Customized Experience

Mission: Kids Care™ can be tailored to benefit the Seattle charity of your choice, and it doesn’t have to be about Back-to-School. Past groups have donated to women’s & kids’ shelters in the Seattle area, for example. Just tell us your desire and we’ll select the appropriate items for the care packages. We can also tailor Mission: Kids Care™ for the Holiday season.