Happy Tails

Happy Tails Benefits Your Team and Seattle Animal Shelters

Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way.

-John Muir

It’s true- pets enrich our lives and our communities as well. We have our Seattle pet shelters to thank for that. They’re the ones who take in strays, facilitate adoptions, and help reunite pet owners with their missing pets.

Why not help out our Seattle pet shelters with your next team building event? We at Seattle Team Building can help you out with that! Our Happy Tails Charity Team Building Workshop is geared towards making a donation to a local pet shelter while helping to strengthen your team at the same time.

Seattle’s Pet Shelters Need Your Help

Happy-Tails-Animal-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoSadly, each year more than half of all pets who enter pet shelters in America have to be euthanized simply because there aren’t enough adoptive homes to go around. You and Seattle Team Building can help alleviate some of that sadness by helping pets get adopted.

You see, for many would-be pet owners the upfront cost of adoption is simply too great. Pet bowls, collars, chew toys…the list is almost endless with things they need to purchase and it really adds up to a lot of money.

Happy Tails has your team assembling pet care packages containing all these essentials for pet ownership. The final product is these care packages plus of course stronger teamwork skills for all participants.

How Helping a Seattle Pet Shelter Benefits You

Teams are caught up in the energy of working together for a common cause, but behind the scenes they’re really working to improve valuable workplace skills. Our facilitators don’t just give them the items for their care packages…they have to earn them!

In order to meet the challenges of each hands-on activity, participants will have to draw upon deeper-level communication skills such as:

  • learning about different styles of communication
  • learning how to respond to and interact with communication styles different from your own

Seattle Happy Tails Team Building Workshop, Your Way!

We can offer your team a 2.5 hour workshop, or a full day if that’s what you have in mind. Just give us a call or fill out the handy quote form on this page to find out how your Happy Tails workshop can be customized.