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Customize It! - Seattle Team Building

Customize It!

Want to tweak any of our workshops or team building events to suit your needs, we have a solution for you – Customize It! with our AnythingEverything workshop. To help you meet your goals for your business, we listen to you. We find out what your goals are for your team and use our proven team building techniques to create a completely customized program that will help you reach your goals.

Anything-Everything-Customized-Team-Building-150pxThe possibilities are endless if you decide to go with a customized workshop. Our facilitators have years of experience in reshaping corporate teams and increasing productivity. We blend icebreakers, exciting and thought-provoking activities, and debriefing discussions to address your unique business objectives.

What can you accomplish with a customized workshop? Our workshops tackle any number of aims. Our facilitators can help you boost morale, get everyone on the same page in regards to your business goals, work through difficult situations, and create a more unified team.

When you choose a customized team building workshop, you are also giving back to a charity in Seattle. If your team building workshop does not include a charity team building component, we will donate food, money, or needed goods to a local charity.

Whether you’re looking for a workshop that you can squeeze into a couple hours or one that lasts an entire work day, we can accommodate your needs—just give us your time frame and we’ll plan an effective, memorable team building workshop that fits into your schedule.

Contact us to get started. We’ll listen carefully to what you want to accomplish with a team building workshop, work with you to create an itinerary that you love, and then execute the best team building workshop you’ve ever seen. The lessons your team learns will contribute to a positive, efficient workplace environment for years to come.