Charity Giving Stations

“What can we do to serve the community?”

charity-giving-stations-logoWhen clients come to us asking this question, we know exactly where to point them: our charity team building workshops.

But when clients started asking how they could totally focus on all-out giving, we knew there had to be an even better way.  That’s when Charity Giving Stations was created.

How is Charity Giving Stations different from our charity team building workshops?

Charity Giving Stations is an interactive donation event designed for maximum output, maximum fun, and maximum giving.  We’re all about teamwork here, so the focus is on building things together for charitable causes.  Think of it as putting your group’s teamwork skills to the test rather than a hard-core lesson in team building skills.

In other words, dial back the teamwork skills work and rev up the giving… that is, activities geared towards building things to donate, and that’s Charity Giving Stations.  

It’s so much more than just writing a check for charity.

Charity-Giving-Stations-Bears-On-TableNow that companies are onto the wonderful idea of working to build something for charity rather than simply writing a check, it’s exciting to see all the energy flowing from groups who want to do more.

Watch teams come alive with the bonding energy that flows when they know they’re all working together for a good cause.  Your company also benefits because you’re helping to fulfill the mission of social corporate responsibility.  And most importantly, Seattle charities get a helping hand!

If your group wants to get involved in helping the Seattle community, rather than just sitting back while the corporate giving office takes care of your company’s social mission, Charity Giving Stations was created for you.

When you want to dig in and work for the Seattle community, this is your event.

Charity Giving Stations was designed for groups who want to do a lot and give a lot…of donations, that is!  Groups work their way through the event room, from station to station.  At each stop, they’re actively involved in some part of building, assembling, or creating something for charity.

Whether it’s bicycles, wagons, stuffed animals or wheelchairs, the idea is to get busy, get active, and do good things for Seattle!

Build a bicycle or put together some little red wagons…or do both!

We let you choose how your Charity Giving Stations event will proceed.  Customize it any way you like: focus on having your group build just one type of donation or really switch things up and include four types of charity stations.

It doesn’t matter: anyway you put it all together, the idea is maximum donations for Seattle charities.  There are four types of activities to choose from.  Choose just one, a pair, three, or all four:

  1. Building bicycles for Seattle kids who need them (Bike-A-Thon™)
  2. Assembling little red wagons filled with donated items for a large variety of charities in Seattle (Wagon Builders™)
  3. Creating stuffed animals complete with personalized birth certificates for kids in distress, encountered by firefighters, EMT, and police officers (Rescue Buddies™)
  4. Assembling wheelchairs– these go out to Seattle hospitals, veterans’ groups, or any organization that needs them (Wheelcharity™).

Want to know more about each type of charity giving station?  Visit the individual pages for those charity team building workshops, here on our site.  The idea for each giving station has been borrowed from an existing workshop.

And, since this workshop is just right for the “season of giving” at the end of the year, we can customize the activities so that donations make sense for the season.  Little red wagons can be filled with holiday toys, for example.

Just tell us how you’d like us to set up your charity giving stations and we’re on it!  Call us to book your own charity event right here in Seattle.  We can’t wait to hear from you!