Bicycle Team Building

Are you looking for a popular team building event that’s guaranteed to get your team communicating, working hard towards a common goal, and learning more about their role in the workplace? You’re looking for bicycle team building, a workshop that lets you feel good about the impact you have on the children of Seattle.

This event is designed to show your team members what type of personality they have, the personality types within their team, and how different people can work together effectively to reach a goal. Are their communication issues, frequent misunderstandings, or cliques in your business? A bicycle team building event can break down these walls and lead to a more positive and more respectful workplace environment.

In the beginning part of the workshop, each team completes a range of challenges to earn the parts and tools they need to build their bikes. Everyone wants to finish their bikes first, so it’s a challenge to work together quickly and effectively!

Once each team has the items they need, it’s time to start putting bikes together. One person in the team may be good at reading instructions, while someone else may be the mechanical type—who knows? Each group will need to figure out what strengths lie within their teammates and how they can use those strengths to finish their bikes.

At the end of the day, your team gets to talk about what they’ve learned and see how it applies to the workplace. They’ll come to realize that no matter what, every person on your team has a vital role that must be recognized and appreciated.

What happens to the bikes that you make? They go to the children of your community—every kid deserves a bike, and the hard work of your team can make that happen! Contact your Seattle team building facilitators today to start planning your workshop.