Amazon Fulfills Corporate Social Responsibility With Bicycles for Kids

Everyone knows Amazon is very much into “fulfillment”, but this is fulfillment of another sort!

Rather than filling online orders, this was about fulfilling a mission to do some good for the Seattle community.

To that end, they chose our Bike-A-Thon™, a bike build charity team building workshop and it was a success all around.

Investing in the community makes sense.

Amazon_logo-300By choosing one of our charity team building workshops, Amazon made a commitment not only to themselves but to the community of Seattle.  The Bike-A-Thon™ workshop teaches important team building lessons like communication and big picture thinking, but it also results in donations going out to local charities.

In the case of Amazon, it was bikes for kids in the neighborhood.  We do it all the time- matching companies with local organizations that help move donated items to the people who need them.  Very often it’s the local chapter of the Boys & Girls Club of America who gets bikes to kids for us.

In this small way, by putting smiles on kids’ faces with shiny new bicycles, Amazon helps make Seattle a better place to be.  But that’s not all they do, of course.

There are so many ways to give back.

Amazon is on the right track in so many ways- we’ve all watched their success over the years as they’ve become a leader in the world of online shopping.

Bicycle-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoBut they’re leading the way in other departments, too.  More and more companies these days are getting their employees involved in their charitable activities.  Rather than simply writing a check, they’re becoming more creative with their giving.

Charity workshops are an example of that.  Each and every one of the participants in our Seattle Bike-A-Thon™ workshop felt a connection with the kids they were building bikes for.

Boys-And-Girls-Club-LogoThey were also, without knowing it, forming stronger bonds with one another and with their company.  It’s why charity events and workshops like this are really taking off the past several years.

Survey after survey shoes that when employees feel that they’re doing something positive at work, they’re more engaged, more likely to remain at their jobs, and more likely to increase their productivity as a result.

Would you like some of that for your team?  Call us and we can discuss the variety of charity workshops we offer, and find the one that’s right for you.