Seattle Team Building


We all know the old adage about an expert being someone that you fly in from out of town.  But that expert has to come from somewhere, and that “somewhere” just happens to be here in the Pacific Northwest.  Why fly an “expert” from some other city, when Seattle Team Building has a team of the real experts right here who fly all across the United States delivering world-class workshops to Fortune 500 clients, as well as small and medium businesses?

We love to facilitate fun and educational team building events right here in our own backyard!  Our detail-oriented event specialists and expert facilitators provide the same white-glove treatment to our small business clients as we do for our mega-customers such as Microsoft and Boeing.

Communication is key both in the workplace and in the business environment, and starting with a facilitator who not only can speak to your team, but communicate with them will make the difference between the workshop that everyone raves about back at the office, or the epic failure that can taint one’s career.  We speak your language, we share your ideals, and there’s a good chance we get our morning java jolt from the same barista.

Want to make positive, meaningful changes in your team that extend to your community at large?

We offer a variety of charity team building and corporate team building activities from Portland to Seattle and everywhere in between. With our years of experience, we can address a number of areas in our workshops:The Team Building Cycle

  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Problem Solving
  • Working Together
  • Planning Skills
  • Enhanced Communication
  • Understanding Strengths and Weaknesses

Same old team building events?  That’s a sure-fire way to ensure that your team just goes through the motions to get it done and over with. Our team listens to your unique needs, steps into our Idea Factory and comes out with fun, creative solutions that not only educate and entertain, they create a lasting impression. As your group bands through the team building activity, they’ll quickly get a feel for where their own strengths and weaknesses lie.

This will help them be more appreciative of others’ strengths and weaknesses. As the group works together to complete each task, they’ll build a sense of unity and figure out what makes the team “click.” Our teambuilding activities end with a debriefing period in which participants learn how to take the lessons of the day back to the workplace. You’ll be amazed to see the positive change in your team dynamics after your workshop!

Our workshops are highly customizable—we know that no two businesses are the same, no two teams are the same, and as a result—no two workshops are the same! We’ll brainstorm with you to learn more about the challenges faced by your team, and on the expected outcomes from your team building custom workshop perfectly suited for you and your team. Our local facilitators also specialize in Portland team building and San Francisco team building events, and will deliver workshops at your location in Washington, Oregon, and Northern California.